TAKING ADVANTAGE OF MEMBERSHIP, Are you making the most of your membership?

Julie Frye, Lexington High School; OFLA Membership Chair


OFLA membership has many perks, just one of which being the fabulous professional development offerings throughout the year! OFLA offers local half- and full-day workshops, multi-session events that include the possibility of credit hours, the always-popular OFLA annual conference and promotion of events offered regionally through our affiliation with the Central States Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, as well as information we share about our language affiliates, such as the AATSP, AATF, AATG and more.

Just recently, I have taken advantage of my OFLA membership to attend Teaching toward Language Acquisition, a 4-day course taught by our own Professional Members Teri Wiechart and Gary DiBianca. The course has been very well-attended, a testament to the value of giving up four Saturdays (two in August, one in September, and the last coming up in October) for teachers who want to learn about different methodologies to use in their classrooms. If you have the opportunity to enroll in any of our Professional Development offerings in the future, I urge you to do so!

What else does your membership give you? It gives you a voice. I am sure by now that you have seen the emails about board and committee openings. Why not make this the year you decide to get involved and join us around the table?

You may not be aware that your membership is also the only way to receive The Cardinal. That’s correct; you wouldn’t be reading this article if you were not an OFLA member-in-good-standing. Do you have co-workers or friends that are language teachers, but who have yet to pay the very reasonable dues to become active Association members? Please encourage them to join NOW, in order to reap the benefits! I have explained in a past newsletter that our membership year runs from 1 Sept-1 Sept. Joining now is the best financial decision (and we all know how teachers like to make sound financial decisions)!

Many thanks to all of you who are active members, who send the kind notes of appreciation, who attend our events and participate fully. Please don’t keep us a secret! Get the word out so that every language teacher in the state of Ohio can take full advantage of all we have to offer.

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