New OFLA Google Group Listserv

By Cheryl Johnson

Editor for Electronic Publications, OFLA

Attention OFLA listserv members! If you have not signed up for our new OFLA Google Group listserv and web forum, please continue reading and do so now!

Background Information

We are launching a new phase in providing a space for our community to easily communicate with each other. We will transition from the traditional OFLA listserv hosted at Kent State to a Google Group with added benefits. The new Google Group will allow us to read and search past messages through our online group web forum page. All messages that were emailed through the Google Group email will be archived there and will be easily searchable.

Please note that the current OFLA listserv will shut down in December.

At this time, we are asking you to join the new group/listserv. To join, go to:!forum/ofla/join.

You can continue to use the current OFLA listserv ( for now. However, the listserv will be phased out and then turned completely off in December.


As you sign up note that you may easily select your email preferences – no email which means you will regularly visit the group page for the postings, 1 daily digest email with all of the messages from the day, 1 email with 25 messages at a time, or an email every time there is a posting to the group. (Please see screenshot below)



To view the OFLA Google Group page go to:!forum/ofla.

You may also find our group page at after you log in.

The email address for OFLA’s new group/listserv will be:

Thank you for being a part of our lively online community!

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