CSCTFL Extension Workshop is a Success!

Martha Pero Halemba
Hudson City Schools Spanish Teacher
CSCTFL Program Chair 2017
OFLA President 2008-2009
OFLA Professional Development Chair


Becky Shick presented “ Preparing Our Students for Success: Designing and Implementing Standards-based Thematic Instruction” on October 8th in Delaware. The topic was very relevant to our current practices designed to raise our students’ level of proficiency.

Beth Hanlon also presented “Getting to Know the Proficiency Levels” The sessions were very well received.

If you are still interested in attending the CSCTFL Extensions Workshop, we are offering it at Miami University, November 12.

Preparing For Student Success: Designing and Implementing Standards-based Thematic Instruction

Jonathan Harris, Presenter at 10:00 am

Here we develop themes and essential questions that incorporate culture. We will also use the design of meaningful assessments that reflect real-life communication to practice writing thematic units.

Angela Gardner, Presenter at 9 am

“A Mixed Bag of Tricks: Activities to support Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking,”


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