Exciting News for Camp OFLA 2017

Lori Winne, Ph.D., Early Language Learning Chair
Co-Director, Camp OFLA

OFLA continues to support Camp OFLA with scholarships for campers and stipends for H.S. counselors and teachers. The mission of OFLA is committed to world language study beginning in the primary grades, so that every learner, from early childhood through adult, acquires a high level of communicative and intercultural competence. That mission is represented very well within the week of Camp OFLA and it is a mission for world language learners of all languages.

Three exciting updates are in the works for 2017! First, Camp OFLA will offer more languages and more weeks for campers to participate! Secondly, Illinois will be joining us this summer! Thirdly, pre-service and teachers needing credit for license renewal will have an opportunity to add elementary experience to their coursework.

After a survey of the parents of past campers and the OFLA listserv, it was determined that elementary students around the state end their school year at two different times; the end of May and the first week of June. Also, ICTFL (the Illinois Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) wishes to join OFLA in sending kids to our camp. Therefore, Camp OFLA 2017 will offer two weeks! Here are the specifics:

Camp OFLA 2017 Week 1                   Camp OFLA Week 2

June 4-10, 2017                                   June 11-17, 2017

Grades 3-8                                           Grades 3-8

Spanish, French, Japanese Spanish, German, Russian

Cost: $475/early bird by May1                Cost: $475/ early bird by May1

$495/ regular by May 21                                  $495/ regular by May 28

$525 / after May 21                                           $525/ after May 28

Teachers, cooks and directors are all set! We will need high school counselors for each week! Interested juniors and seniors should check the http://www.campofla.org website for the application process and sample video introductions from last year’s counselors.

February and March are months that many parents determine their children’s summer schedules, so it’s not too early to help us spread the word!

How can YOU help?

1.Spread the word. If you know an elementary teacher in your district, share the info with him/her. Share the website http://www.campofla.org. You can also find a link on http://www.campofla.org. Talk about Camp OFLA on your own Facebook page.

2.If you know of an existing elementary world language program, let the ELL committee know so they can contact the school(s) directly.

3.If you are a high school teacher and have a junior or senior that works well with kids and has good language skills, encourage them to apply as a counselor.

4.Check out the website and suggest improvements. Are we telling the public enough to help them make decisions about sending their youngsters to camp?

5.Make a donation to Camp OFLA. The camp fee is kept as low as possible and scholarships are available for campers, but activities, materials, and special events require extra funds.

6.Consider your own language club’s scholarship for an elementary student in your district. Megan Brady’s Spanish club has raised funds and sent two kids to camp for the past three years as her club’s community outreach project.

7.Visit Camp OFLA during June 4-17 in person or through our Facebook page!

If you have questions about counselors, scholarships or your own coursework, email Lori at campofla@gmail.com.

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