What’s New for New Teachers?

RESA News for 2017

Lesley Chapman, Beginning Teachers Chair 
French Teacher, Sycamore High School

Like all things new, the RESA program is growing and changing each year. It is important to know what those changes are for this year if you are a teacher in that program.

There is some good news on that front, new teachers are being given more time to get their tasks completed.  According to the Educopia web site http://www.educopia.com/resa/, more time is being given for candidates to complete both the Communication/Professional Growth Task (now due by December 15), and the Formative and Summative Assessment Task (now due by February 15). This extension will be welcome news to beginning teachers with a lot on their plates at the start of every school year.

Another development for this year will prove equally as helpful to new teachers. As of this year, candidates will be allowed to submit instructional evidence from any year that they are enrolled in the RESA program, rather than limiting it to the year of their submission. So if they have a great lesson in year two of the program, they can use that lesson rather than wait until year 3.

One final thought, if you have questions or concerns about the RESA process, there is a great online tool, created specifically for Ohio’s World Language teachers: http://worldlanguageresed.weebly.com/.

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