AATG Ohio Spring Meeting 2019

Gene Aufderhaar, Van Wert High School/AATG Ohio President
Dennis Boyd, Brunswick High School/AATG Ohio Treasurer/AATG Ohio Liaison to OFLA
Darlene Lyon, Berea-Midpark High School/Testing Chairperson

The AATG Ohio Spring meeting was held at the Central States/OFLA Conference in Columbus, OH, with about 20 attendees from around the region. The chapter was addressed by Keith Cothrun, who updated us on changes in the AATG National leadership structure in Cherry Hill, NJ. Most members adjourned to an evening of dinner and conversation at Schmidt’s Restaurant and Banquet Haus in German Village.

Officers: President, Gene Aufderhaar, eaufder@gmail.com 2018 – 2020; 1st Vice President, Jeff Moore, moorejp@bbhcsd.org, 2018 – 2020; 2nd Vice President (Vacant) 2018 – 2020; Past President, Julie Schonauer, schonauerj@npschools.org, 2018 – 2020; Treasurer, Dennis Boyd, dboyd1@gmail.com, 2011 – Present & Liaison to OFLA; 2017 – Present, Membership chair, Mark Himmelein, himmelm@mountunion.edu; 2012 – Testing Chairperson, Darlene Lyon, fraulyon@yahoo.com; 2011 – Present, Webmaster, Mark Himmelein; himmelm@mountunion.edu, on-going; Listserv moderator, Stephanie Libbon, slibbon@kent.edu on-going

Darlene Lyon, Berea-Midpark High School/Testing Chairperson

In December and January, German students all over the state took the AATG National German Exam. This year, twenty-one teachers at fifteen schools administered the level 2, 3, and 4 exam to 904 students. Thirty-six level 2 students were eligible to apply for a trip to Germany by scoring in the 90-percentile. Nineteen level 3 students were eligible as well as 6 level 4 students. 18 students applied for the Germany trip. Ohio was allowed to nominate 3 of these amazing students: Maddy Mayer, Ray Tao, and Janice Guo. Both Maddy and Ray will be in Germany for four weeks this summer! Congratulations to all these hard-working students and their super teachers!

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