My Personal Journey to Make Next School Year Better

Samantha Bremner, OFLA Early Language Learning Chair

As one school year winds down, we must start preparing for the next one to begin. Whether that means organizing a classroom, a computer desktop that swallows files, professional development, or breathing on your own schedule; we need to get ready. Being a teacher is a rewarding and exhausting profession that can leave teachers feeling worn down. But, with some careful planning, we can set ourselves up for success.
Lining up professional development opportunities is one of the most important summer goals for world language teachers to set. World language teachers can try to find ways
to speak or to communicate more often with native speakers, to read more books for
pleasure in the target language, and to work on culturally relevant and academically
applicable materials for all ages. Personally, I will seek professional development
opportunities to assist me in these areas. OFLA does offer some professional
development opportunities via listserv and other outlets. Thanks for checking that box,
Goal number two is to find a system that works for me to store my electronic files. I use Google Drive and it’s wonderful. But, I need to sit down and make the time to organize by section, unit, and season. I attended a session at the OFLA/CSCTFL conference highlighting the importance of digital organization and how it sparks creativity and gives you a better opportunity to bridge different lessons. This box is unchecked for now, but I’ll be applying my takeaways from the conference soon enough!
My final goal for the summer is connecting with others. As teachers, we are always together and alone simultaneously. We teach in our own classrooms, usually by ourselves. But, we have a wealth of teachers at our sides. I plan on using many outlets such as Facebook groups, Instagram, Pinterest, Teachers Pay Teachers, and listserv to help foster some relationships with fellow classroom warriors to strengthen my planning, lessons, and overall teaching experience. I feel that it is always beneficial to see or hear how others teach. The smallest details can make the biggest difference.
What are your summer goals? What do you hope to accomplish this summer that will help to make your next year of teaching your best yet? OFLA has a great wealth of resources that are just a click away! Happy teaching and happy learning!

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