Teri Wiechart, OFLA Membership Chair
Delphos Jefferson High School (Retired)

  1. Use your voice. Our profession takes hits from all angles, not the least of which is the talk of replacing it with computer coding. We need you to speak out, to emphasize that learning another language is NOT something for the few and IS a necessary 21st Century skill. There is strength in numbers when communicating our needs with local administrators, state officials, and national leaders. Are you ready to stand up for your profession?
  2. Become an advocate. OFLA has an Advocacy Chair and Committee who work tirelessly at the state and national levels. Camp OFLA is held every June and has created students who go home and advocate for continuing and expanding languages in their own schools. Can we count you in as one more advocate?
  3. Take advantage of the many opportunities to improve your craft. OFLA offers many Regional Professional Development offerings across the state and through the year and summer months. The annual OFLA Conference ( 1842602) is one of the best around. Over 100 sessions are offered on Friday and Saturday, including special optional workshops all day Thursday and on Saturday morning. Have you asked for time off? Have you registered?
  4. Make new friends. You’ll have people who are professional and support and understand the work that you do. This is especially good for teachers who feel isolated in their schools. With  Facebook pages, Twitter, and the listserv there are many opportunities to continue the dialogue of language teaching and acquisition. Are you ready to join the conversation?
  5. Give back. OFLA and our profession need you to lead and mentor. Use your experience and expertise to guide others. You can do this in small ways by commenting on social media posts or by attending local meet-ups, by writing an article for the Cardinal, by presenting at the conference, or by volunteering with the OFLA Board. What is your strength?

Joining is easy [] and reasonably priced.

Invite all the teachers in your building and district. Spread the word. You are needed.


Winners of the membership contest in January: 

Elizabeth Pardon
Abigail Carrasquillo
(Cecile Laine—who deferred to a current Ohio Teacher)
Ashlyann Carrasquillo

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