Please Consider Attending the 2022 60th Anniversary Conference July 25-27, 2022

Richard Emch, Ohio Foreign Language Association President
French Teacher, North Royalton High School

In an ever-changing field of education, the Ohio Foreign Language Association has focused our strategic plan to “build the capacity of foreign language teachers to prepare learners to demonstrate their [second language] proficiency.” The 2022 OFLA conference committee has taken on this endeavor and has invited education professionals recognized by the American Council on the Teaching Foreign Languages, the Central States Conference on the Teaching Foreign Languages, the Ohio Department of Education, as well as resident experts from Ohio, to provide the best professional development opportunities. We are pleased to present, at nominal cost to our members, our 60th Anniversary annual conference, July 25-27, 2022 in Dublin, Ohio.

Please consider attending this enriching professional development opportunity. The Ohio Standards for the Teaching Profession require that “teachers assume responsibility for professional growth, performance and involvement as an individual and as a member of a learning community” and that “teachers take responsibility for engaging in continuous, purposeful professional development.” The overarching theme of this conference is designed to facilitate the incorporation of the state standards and the state model curriculum for world languages in local programs. Several invited presenters will share their expertise with OTES 2.0, especially choosing and using high-quality student data (HQSD) to guide instructional decisions and meet student learning needs in making sound instructional decisions for students. Moreover, several sessions and workshops are aligned with the literacy standards and address 21st Century Skills and how world language teachers can reinforce these skills across the curriculum. Conference attendees will have the choice of workshops and over 60 general sessions from which to select in addition to the keynote speaker. With this robust offering it is no wonder that the Ohio Foreign Language Association’s Annual Conference has the reputation for being the best state conference in America.

Thank you for your consideration. The 2022 Ohio Foreign Language Conference promises to be a rewarding and enriching professional development opportunity for you, your school, and your students.

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